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Property Management

Advertising  Advantages— We run a standing ad in the Edwardsville Intelligencer reaching over 20,000 families.  Visit our website—each property is listed including photo—interior and exterior—as well as a description of the property.


  • Full Service Property Management—We service our investors whether they have one home or multiple apartment units.  We will oversee anything from small repairs to complete whole house remodeling.  We have out sourcing  in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC as well as lawn care and landscaping.  All properties are to be well maintained and cleaned prior to renting.


  • Credit Checks— We perform a credit check on each prospective tenant.  Credit checks are paid for by the applicant.  Deposit monies are required on all properties and held in a non-interest bearing escrow account for the term of the lease


  • Contracts— All management agreements and lease contracts have been drawn up by qualified real estate attorneys.


We strive to represent quality rentals—units that are well kept, clean and maintained to attract qualified tenants, improve neighborhood appearance, and insure the investment of the property.


If you are interested in management of your property, please call.  We will be happy to provide detailed information about our professional services.